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instagram: @SuperNovaEnergetics

Meet Sarah Daigle aka SuperNova Sarah. 

Sound & Energy Alchemist | Soul Guide | Clinical HeartMath Practitioner | Trauma Informed 


Sarah was born in the beautiful state of Maine. She suffered from depression for many years, and in her search of something to help her heal, in 2009 she found her way over to Oahu. She had a spontaneous spiritual awakening in 2011, began to deepen her energy work/reiki in 2012, and dove heart first into sound therapy starting in 2015. Sarah has been on a full time mission offering energetic and spiritual support for the community ever since.

With thousands of hours of experience, it is one of Sarah's biggest passions to offer what she calls Sound Journeys, aka Sound Meditations or Sound Therapy, with the intentions of helping her clients come hOMe to themselves and feel Empowered in living this crazy-beautiful human experience. She also offers one-on-one Energy work, Soul Guidance, DeArmoring and more. 

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